WP-HYPERGROUP is a diversified business conglomerate with a proud history of bringing innovative products to market. For two decades, the group has been providing business products and services to customers across the globe. Today members of WP-HYPERGROUP offers complete solution and products to many channels of business.

The group headquartered in UK and has global representation.

As the parent company in the group, Water and Power Engineering has a proven record of accomplishment and success in Ground Water Engineering and Piling industry. With this experience and quality, today the company is one of the premier names in Dewatering and Piling industry especially in Middle East.

Through our unique personalized business approach, each member of WP-HYPERGROUP can always offer a strong portfolio of services, any time for their valued clients.

We believe, understand and function on the principle that to compete in today's market, clients need reliable quality products as well as trustworthy business collaborators to run the business. Thus, we always challenge ourselves, our practices and our clients in pursuit of excellence.